Review: Tucker and Dale vs Evil

     Todays ravenous review is of a tasty little tidbit titled ‘Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil’ featuring Alan Tudyc of ‘Fire Fly’ and Tyler Labine of ‘Reaper.’
     This terrifying comedy noir is well named and just what the mortician ordered. Another take on the classic cabin in the woods spook story, this tale is filled to the brim with horrifying highjinks and maiming mayhem. Its everything you love about horror movies while flipping standard horror archetypes.

      Dale and Tucker, our unwitting and unlikely heroes, are your typical red necks.
     Not machete wielding ‘Hills Have Eyes’ hillbillies, but your average southern rednecks who want to fish, drink beer, and relax at the lake in their newly acquired cabin.
     *Cue suspense music* 
     Oh no, now they have to share the woods with a group of fratty college students, circa crystal lake, out to eff up some nature while doing drugs and skinny dipping.


      While out night fishing- like you do- Tucker and Dale discover injured college girl, Ally. What do we do? Take her home and fix her up like any good neighbor would.
     However, to her skittish and slightly high friends, she appears to have been abducted by crazy hillbillies, triggering a series of unfortunate events from impalement,


      To death by wood chipper.


     And poor Tucker and Dale are stuck in the middle of it.
     Will any of the teens survive this frightfull tale of circumstance and misunderstanding?
     Will Tucker and dale be able to set the reccord streight?
     Will an forunsceen terror suddenly reveal itself?
     Guess you’ll have to watch to find out.
     Final Fright: He’s not half the man he used to be-


    Dale and Tucker Vs. Evil is a delightfully dreadful blood bath and should be part of any horror fiends frightening collection. This slasher just gets better with the watching. It is a wonderfully fun movie with a unique and exciting take on the horror genera.
     Four claws up!



     Until next time, unpleasant screams,
     XX Kidna Styx

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