Review: Reanimator

     Todays raunchy reel is Reanimator. Not enough t&a, blood, or violence in Frankenstein? Well look no further, this horrifying take on the classic concept of scienced up life after death brings you all that old fashioned literature could not fathom.

     And we start off this frightning fable with a gory eyeball popping scene in the exotic local of Zurich Sweden. Eat your heart out Mary Shelly.
     Our scientific lead, Dr West, is caught red handed pleading that he didn’t kill his fellow scientist, he gave him life – Well not for long apparently. Might want to adjust that dosage of toxic sludge tehre buddy.
     Back in the States we follow a strapping young doctor who is to meet our young Dr Frankenstein, I mean Dr West.
     Well that guy is weird, lets meet our young doctors romantic counterpart. Aww nice hallway kiss – which quickly transitions to a sex scene. Oh 80s tan lines.
     Now it appears that Mr West wants to be room mates with the young doc and he just loves that basement, apparently it is just the right amount of spooky.
     Autopsy scalping scene! Get ready for some gruesome, gore hounds.
     No now, Mr West, stop fighting with your teacher about brain life, don’t be jealous because he rivals your own creepiness.
     Cat zombie! Oh no! New roomie experimented on the cat- (Guess the cats out of the bag on that one.) What an awkward time to get a case of the mad scientist giggles crepeo.
     Now West wants a friendly cohort and young doctor dude is getting all wrapped up in helping with his green cool-aid injecting human experimentations.
     And the bodies just keep wracking up, but thats ok, now we have more subjects to experiment on! Administer secret of the ooze! Personally, I’m hoping for some teenage mutant ninja turtles.
     Oh no they’ve been caught by the school board, time fore crazy story time with Dr West, but its ok, other creepy doctor is here to help. Creepy doctor show down!
     Oh undead academic hijinks.
     Whats worse than zombies? Brain surgeon zombies with an unfortunate crush on the lead female! Oh creepy horrible love.
     Oh thank god, West is here (never thought I’d say that, but the ‘head performing head scene- can’t crub that off my brain no matter how many disney movies I watch.)
     And mass zombie jamboree… Just get out of there security Dude, minimum wage ain’t worth this madness.
     Will Dr West become lord of the Zombies?
     Will the young doctor be able to escape this zombie madhouse?
     Will his girlfriend survive to be in the less popular sequel- Bride of Reanimator?
     Final fright: Cat zombie!
     I see why this particular crazy is a classic. No lack of blood violence, horrifying creativity, or nudity. All and all it was rediculously entertaining. A very well rounded 80’s horror movie.
Three claws up.
     Until next time, unpleasant screams,
     Kidna Styx

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