Review: How to be a Serial Killer

     Todays malcontent movie is ‘How To Be A Serial Killer. The tital pretty much tells it all. Through out the movie we follow our lead through a documentary style step by step on how to get away with murder. Or try to anyway. This movie has a fun concept and I can’t say I have seen another movie quite like it as it jumps back an forth between the killers how to tutorial and the real world. A very intersting watch if you, like me, often run out of stuff in your instant que.

     We start this maniacle tale with a documentary style sum up on what a serial killer is. Helpfull.
     Billy Mays here for how to be a Serial killer- Wait, are we in a seminar? Hold on, whats happening? Did we just step into a Neil Gaymen graphic novel? (Sand Man Vol.2,  I’ll wait for you to look it up)
     Billy Mays- I mean Mike Wilson wants to show you how to kill people, and a lot of them.
     Enter your average unsatisfied video clerk – who some serial sickos might recognize from the show ‘Numbers.’
     Obviously this story takes place before all the video stores went extinct in leu of renting online.
      Luckily Mike is in the right place at the right time to adopt this new protégé for his How to.
     Step One: Here, Mike encourages cheery fantasies of brutal murder with some very- porn-esque, music playing in the background. Awkward.
     Step two: Code of ethics… Ok sure why not.
     No children, no animals, no handicapped because apparently thats cheating… No stealing etc. Well I think Bundy would have something to say about that list (no not Al.) Not to mention Gacy, Freddy, Jason, Hanibal, good ol Jack, or- well pretty much any serial killer I’ve ever heard of. But alright we have set some ground rules.
     Now we move onto tools of the trade. Are you a drowner or strangler? Its all very personal and unique to each killer, be creative.
     Next? Keeping up appearances. Be the model partner. Just further confirmation for the ladies; if he seems to perfect, he’s probably got a small family worth of bodies buried in the desert.
      Someone has been watching a lot of ‘Dexter’ I think.
     We following our devils advocate style mentor who continues encouraging this budding young would be psychopath with his hand dandy how to multiple manslaughter tips.
     Will our young protege be able to kill at random?
     Will trying to murder tail gaiters, bums, and rude customers or coworkers be too much for his delicate young sensibilities?
     Will his mentor start going off the deep end and begin breaking his own rules?
     Guess you have to watch and find out.
     Final Fright: Tidy up
     All and all I’d call this murderous tale disturbingly imaginative and fatally fun. An interesting watch with an ending you wouldnt wholy expect, but really arent all that surprised by either.
     Three claws up.
     Until next time, unpleasant screams
     XX Echidna Styx

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