Review: Dead Heads

     Todays delicious little dedite is ‘Dead Heads.’ This interesting point of view reaversal on the standard zombie outbreak movie is full of slapstick fun. A joyour debacle of rotriping undead out to find out what just what happened to them.
     Oh no a zombie has just risen from the dead!

     Wait, this four eyed zombie is the lead of our story, and he’s not mumbling incoherently? *Mind Blown* But who’s side are we on now? Zombies are bad, right?
     Ok well lets say we’re for zombies in this instance. Lucky for our poor freshly risen and confused hero, he’s not alone.
     Thanks to the help of his new undead bestie, he’s gonna track down the woman he loves. But how ever will this poor zombie woo the love of his afterlife if all his appendages are falling off? I think this calls for a national lampoons style road trip!
     Unfortunately they are now being hunted by a gang of slap sticky zombie hunters decked out in hazmat chique.
     How will he ever regain his love against the mounting odds in this romantic, on the road, buddy, zombie, adventure… Comedy.
     Final Fright: The Three Zombie Stooges!
      A simple story of love, friendship, and rotting flesh. All and all I’d say it was ghoulishly entertaining and well hack-ted. Big bonuses for random Evil Dead references.  If your in the mood for something quirky, light hearted, and bloody, well I think this movie just might be for you.
     Three claws up!

     Until next time, unpleasant screams.
     xx Kidna Styx



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