Review: A Little Bit Zombie

     Todays nasty nugget is ‘A Little Bit Zombie’ featuring Kristin Hagar of being human US version.
This titilating tale offers yet another frightening yet light hearted take on the classic cabin in the woods story. A great mixture of tongue in cheek comdey and zombified gore.

     Bunny brains... Oh sorry about that.
     Any-who, we start off with an evil zombie mosquito.
     Always a good place to begin in a B Horror Camp Com.
     Man, I thought those things were annoying before they started carrying zombie making diseases.    Eff Malaria.
     So, we follow aforementioned Isectas Zombicas which leads us out of a generic secret government facility, past- many things that suggest it has traveled a long distance, to our main characters.
     The dorky hero of our story is having a particularly rough engagement. I mean, relationships are hard enough without being turned into the living dead at your get away, bachelor bachelorette, pre wedding… thing.
     But lucky for him, a half wit commando and hot blond scientist duo is on the way to help fight against the misquote, bunny eating, zombie virus-
     Bunny Brains... Ahem.
     However, his search for brains could lead him to eat that which he loves most- the bunny- I mean bridezilla- I mean fiancee.
     And yay for random Evil Dead references.
     “Work shed.”
     Thankfully for your rotting hero, he is backed up by a surprisingly supportive group of friends.
     Then again, everything is fun and games until someone losses an- ear…. Happily our heroes luck seems in spades- despite the undead thing- He’s got a fiancé and sister so committed to their bunny eating boy that they are willing to seduce up some food for him.
     Bunny Brains…
     How will he ever survive?
     Will the halfwit, hot scientist, renegade duo save the day?
     Will love concur all?
     Will our hero simply give into his cravings for flesh and eat them all?
     Guess you’ll have to watch to find out-
     Final Fright: Mmmm bunny…
     I’d say his festering flick is frighteningly funny and unnaturally unique. A fun movie to watch on a late night at home full of quirky horror and zombie shenanagins.
     Three claws up.


     Until next time, Unpleasant Screams,
     XX Kidna Styx

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