Pandora’s Guidebook to Vampires: Part V

Hello darklings, Kidna Styx here.

Welcome to part five of Pandoras Guidebook to Vampires. My vampire friend Pandora Grey Blackheart felt she just had to debunk a few supernatural misconceptions about the mother of all vampire mythsthe vampires fiery relationship with the sun.

The Sun

This is the mother of all vampire myths. Its true that the sun affects us. We are like bats in this respect. We are definitely sun-sensitive creatures, but no more than your average nocturnal mammal. Therefore, we tend to sleep during the day. However we will not turn to ash, melt, fizzle, blow up, or catch fire when the sun comes up. As far as I can figure, the sun dries up the super solution that keeps our senses so sharp.

However its not just the light. Its the heat as well. You wont find many vampires in the valley. We dont mind the cold too much, but heat causes problems. Our blood is thicker and circulates slower than humans, which makes us colder. We get uncomfortably hot around eighty degrees Fahrenheit and our standard body temperature is much lower than a human’s. We can stand being up with the sun, but it doesnt take long for it to become unbearable.

In the sun we arent as strong, our senses arent as sharp, and our eyes looka bit on the monstrous side. My eyes are naturally brown but in direct sunlight theyre nearly gold. My Maker’s blue eyes are practically white in the light. But a vampire with green eyes is probably the most disturbing. In direct sunlight, their eyes look yellowWeird. So its always best to have a pair of shades, whether for hiding or protecting the eyes. Not to mention, the sun makes our bodies ache terribly. Been-working-out-in-the-gym-too-long kinda pain. We can still function, but even through walls of steel and concrete we can feel its drain. Not pleasant.

The sun affects each vampire differently depending on time of day, exposure, and age. Some are so sensitive that they never wake during the daylight hours. While others will make an occasional visit to the beach. Some people just love the sun that much I guess. I dont get those guys. They always wonder why theyre not as strong as the other vamps. Prolonged exposure makes you weak, and well, most vampires dont like feeling weak.

It seems to me that vampires are more allergic to the sun than anything. It isnt deadly, as long as there is no one around that wishes you harm. Undoubtedly, the easiest time to kill a vampire is during the day.

I once tried to use my handy super speed to get my day errands done, I couldnt have moved any slower if I were wearing cement shoes. Thankfully in my daily dregs Im about as powerful as your average human. It would be horrible to be completely immobile.

Ive been told that the lack of circulation in vampire skin makes it extremely vulnerable to vitamin D, UV rays, UVA, UVB, and whatever else that comes from the sun. Possibly a combination of all of the above because I know tanning beds dont do shit. We get sunburnt. We’re just worse off than your average albino kid or vitiligo suffer. Our melanin is nearly nil.

Thankfully, the older a vampire is, the less theyre affected by the sun. The first hundred years are apparently the worst. cant wait until I hit my Centennial, but that’s some ways off. Ive been told that after that, its just a nuisance. Ive heard of ancient vampires who roam day and night, but the sun still drains.


If youre faced with an angry vamp, the sun will give you time to get away, but it will not ultimately keep you safe from a determined vampire. The closer it is to sunset, the less likely they are to attack. However, most vampires know that, so I wouldn’t count on a near-dusk attack you can escape from.

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  1. I haven’t been that psyched over vamp story in quite a while, not conntiug Ward’s Black Dagger crew. Those guys, pfftt, they’re so much more than a vamp species now. Their vampiness isn’t even a central part of the story at this point. It’s all about the agnst and who can up-angst the other. Not that that’s bad. Har.I don’t think that means I’ll never find another vamp book/series that will rock my oh hell yeah. And I seriously doubt we’ll ever not have vamp heroes or characters. There’s always another new rising author that’ll blow us away next.At the moment I am full on paranormaling. Grimspace by Ann Aguirre, some Linnea Sinclair, a bit of Susan Grant, Mark Henry, and the list goes on. Thank goodness Harris’s next Sookie will be out soon. Those are my kinda vamps.

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