The Friend in the Yard (Part 3)


Last night I saw upon the stair,

There was a man who wasn’t there,

He wasn’t there again today

Oh, how I wish he’d go away…

-Hughes Mearns


Simone leapt back from the apparition before her. “Ghost!”

“Don’t scream, you’re going to upset it,” Darkness sighed, leaning on the window sill looking perfectly calm with his back eyes and dark casual suit.

I’m going to upset it?!” she nearly screamed back.

Slowly, Darkness approached the poltergeist, staring at the apparition indifferently.

The specter looked back and forth between Simone and Darkness like a trapped animal. Simone was about to ask what was happening when the translucent man suddenly looked at Darkness, began shaking his head, and backing away.

“Pity,” Darkness sighed and stepped aside as the man ran for the small attic window. Continue reading