Pandora Syndrome (Part 1)


Witten by: April Wahlin

Edited by: Mike Dolnick and Travis Noble

Chapter 1~Beginning of the End~

So there I was, encased in about ten feet of solid cement, and walled into the basement of a local Ahab’s. My skin ached. Not because of the cement, but because it was morning. Okay, so I didn’t make the best life choices, but I was still pretty new to this vampire stuff.

After the initial shock of being buried in cement finally wore off, I found myself in an uncomfortably reflective state. What else could I do? Every time I attempted to move my muscles clenched and burned with the effort. It was just easier to try and stay still.

My friends always told me I had the worst taste in men. I thought they were just making fun of my eating habits– okay, lame joke. Seriously though, even when I was human I was a horrible judge of character. At this point I was only hoping to hear the huge ‘I told you so’ from my Maker.

By the way, my name is Pandora Grey Blackheart. I know, with a name like that I’m not surprised I got turned into a vampire either. Being born in the sixties, my parents were literally hippies. My mother, Mary, was rebelling against her own name when she dubbed me Pandora. Mary is the most common female name in history; I looked it up.

If you think I got it bad, my brother’s name is Prometheus Jackson Blackheart. No one was shocked when he started going by Jack. My friends call me Adora or D; I’ll even respond to Dora on occasion, but no one calls me Pandora unless they want to piss me off. The only people that get away with it are my mother, because she gave birth to me, and my Maker (the one that turned me bloodsucker) because he refuses to call me anything else.

As the vampire books say (and yes I’ve read them all; there isn’t exactly a “Vampirism for Dummies”), I was Continue reading