Review: Rise of the Zombies

     Todays festering flick is ‘Rise Of The Zombie’
     Alright! Gore fest right off the bat. Who needs backstory when you can just mow down zombies in a suv rollin down lombard street SF, literally rolling.
     Wait, where did all the zombies come from anyway? Well good thing, French Stuart, of ‘Third Rock From the Sun’ is here to explain- sort of- with the help of a monkey named, Courtney.

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Review: John Dies at the End

     Todays traumatizing tidbit is ‘John Dies At The End.’
     He does? Well thanks for the spoiler, geez. This movie will have your brain reeling for some shred of sanity, but its a fun and chaotic ride full of crazy effect and unlikely turn of events.
     Any who, we start out, like any faithful tail, with a boy and his axe. Wait, I’ve heard this joke before, it goes like- how many axes, wait no, a man replaces the handle of an axe, no, may I axe you a question-

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Review: How to be a Serial Killer

     Todays malcontent movie is ‘How To Be A Serial Killer. The tital pretty much tells it all. Through out the movie we follow our lead through a documentary style step by step on how to get away with murder. Or try to anyway. This movie has a fun concept and I can’t say I have seen another movie quite like it as it jumps back an forth between the killers how to tutorial and the real world. A very intersting watch if you, like me, often run out of stuff in your instant que.

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Review: Tucker and Dale vs Evil

     Todays ravenous review is of a tasty little tidbit titled ‘Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil’ featuring Alan Tudyc of ‘Fire Fly’ and Tyler Labine of ‘Reaper.’
     This terrifying comedy noir is well named and just what the mortician ordered. Another take on the classic cabin in the woods spook story, this tale is filled to the brim with horrifying highjinks and maiming mayhem. Its everything you love about horror movies while flipping standard horror archetypes.

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Review: Dead Heads

     Todays delicious little dedite is ‘Dead Heads.’ This interesting point of view reaversal on the standard zombie outbreak movie is full of slapstick fun. A joyour debacle of rotriping undead out to find out what just what happened to them.
     Oh no a zombie has just risen from the dead!

Review: Hansel and Gretel (2013)

     Todays tacky tale is a modern retelling of Hansel and Gretel. (No not the one staring Hawk Eye)
     This grousome gore fest, like so many other streight to dvd’s with popular titals, had a good idea, lets mix ‘Saw’ with Grimm’s Fairy Tales! Great idea! However with the holywwod ‘Witch Hunters’ version hot on there heels, they were in a bit of a rush, and sadly it shows. A for effort, D for execution. But we horor fans do enjoy us some mindless violence, so here we go!

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