Hall H Confessions 2013


     All this information will be a little late considering con was last week, but for those of you who missed Hall H, the Con, and possibly the latest in entertainment news, I’m here to give you a few highlights.
     Lets start out with my arrival at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, a room I only get because I volunteer at Con every year. Otherwise I might never get to participate in the convention. It was nice and calm when I arrived, something that would not last long.

Review: Evil Dead Remake


Evil Dead (Remake)

Todays delightful delirium is Evil Dead. Yup, its the remake.
If you loved the original you’ll love this one- as long as you aren’t hung up on the fact that it is isn’t a step by step re make of the original- though technically this would be the third remake. But I digress.

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Review: Reverb

     Todays not so riveting review is Reverb, a movie about a demonic ghost in the machine.
     Definitely an interesting concept, however I think some people get too artsy and forget the basics of good story telling, like plots and scenes that don’t jump around like Mario on a sky level.

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Review: Army of Darkness

     Todays tacky terror is ‘Army of Darkness’
     So this review will probably be a little bit biased since Army of Darkness is my favorite movie ever. This movie has a fantastic balance of funny and scary, something I think more movies should take into account. Breaking up the intensity of the horrifying with a little humor is great devise in my opinon.

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Review: Warm Bodies

     For todays tawdry tale we are branching out beyond Netflix, but don’t worry, I’m sure you can still pirate it online- not that I condone that sort of thing- ahem.
     Were watching ‘Warm Bodies’ aka Zombie Twilight, aka Zombio and Juliet. Yay, another Zombie love story… Words I never thought would go together, but apparently there is a audience for it. This movie, although having its cheezy moments, was engaging and fun to watch. Just don’t think your getting Shakespeare. – Ha
     Moving on.

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Review: Insidious

     Todays devious delight is ‘Insidious,’ a tittle formerly on Netflix but should still be findable online. This movie had me up at night wondering if there were spooks watching me in the dark. If your going to watch this and your easily frightened, I might try watching this movie with the lights on. Or maybe try a different movie because it really dosen’t help all that much.

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Review: Little Witches

     Little Witches
     Todays titivating terror is ‘Little Witches, aka we wish we were ‘The Craft.”
     This film is all about good little school girls being seduced by the dark side, providing spoon fulls of pointless T&A. Well pointless if your not watching it for the T&A, which lets face it, you probably are. This film is full of run around plot lines and cheezy after effects, straight to DVD at its best.

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