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cropped-copy-copy-copy-cropped-april2sm1.jpgApril was on the set of Christopher Guest’s Thank You for Your Consideration when she realized she wanted to be a writer. Her first novel was born of a long month sitting in a dusty studio with little to do. Let’s just say that after a week of twelve-hour days, solitaire got pretty boring. That’s when she decided to open her laptop and ‘put to pen’ the ideas and bizarre dreams rolling around in her head.

In San Diego, where April grew up, she first dreamt of Ithiria, a fantastic world where elementals guarded the natural balance and evil was born of good intentions. At Mesa College, where she studied theatre, the nuances of this land evolved into multiple stories mirroring our own world. While working in the film industry, the works of Grimm, Shelly, and other classic tales the world over came to exist on her pages in new forms. With ample ‘set’ time, she caught up on the reading she should have done while building sets at Madison High School. After winning the reality show Search for the Next Elvira and discovering the works of Christopher Moore, many of my characters took a comedic turn, with zombies who play soccer with each other’s heads and witches saddled with cackling disorders.

It wasn’t long until the creatures of Ithiria began to cross each other’s stories. Life is an adventure and April believes this constant change should translate into one’s work. Every year of attending Masquerade Balls, Steampunk events, and Comic Conventions causes her stories to become more fantastic. Each set she works on, from I Love You, Man to Star Trek, drives her to add new creations.

April has a near-constant habit of nerding out on anything comic book, movie, myth, fairy tale, or supernatural, which has forced her to find ways to combine the things she loves. So far, Ithiria has tales of unwitting royals who unearth great magic, children who wander into dark woods in search of dark creatures, vampires who discover their origins go deeper than a mere lifestyle change, and sheltered adolescents who find themselves capable of heroic feats. All of these plots and characters work toward the greater history of Ithiria; which as in our own world, is just the beginning.


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